The “Book of Nature”: Connecting Science and Wisdom

  • Sergio Rondinara Sophia University Institute


Rondinara explores the reality of nature, both in its totality and in its essence, from different perspectives. In so doing, he discusses how Chiara Lubich envisions nature in relation to God and humankind. First, he examines the God-nature relation as Chiara understood it, as both immanent and transcendent. Then, he turns to Chiara’s notion of nature as an ongoing “event” in history leading to the recapitulation of all things in God. Chiara sees this theo-logical interpretation of nature as being not in conflict with other interpretations from philosophy and science but in dialogue with them. Rondinara concludes with today’s environmental crisis, where this approach is vital. He presents Chiara’s call for a change in our relation to nature based on a dialogical reading of the “Book of Nature.”