An Introduction to the Concept of Unity in Hindu Tradition

A Christian Perspective

  • Cherylanne Menezes


The idea of the Divine or Supreme Being as the Absolute One in ancient Hindu texts has formed the basis of religious-philosophical thought for centuries. This article intends to offer an introductory background to the concept of unity in Hindu philosophy. While the views expressed here stem from a Christian perspective, some included footnotes are the fruit of a stimulating dialogue with Dr. Lalita Namjoshi, former Assistant Director of K. J. Somaiya Bharatiya Sanskriti Peetham and scholar of Vedanta Philosophy. Her valuable observations in a review of this article, shared in a spirit of collegiality and friendship, are of fundamental importance.

Author Biography

Cherylanne Menezes

Cherylanne Menezes is an advisor to the National Youth Commission of the Conference of Catholic Bishops of India and was an invited auditor at the October 2018 Vatican Synod on Youth. She holds a master’s degree in Foundations and Perspectives for a Culture of Unity from Sophia University Institute with a specialization in Trinitarian ontology. She teaches courses in Christian mysticism at the University of Mumbai and is a member of the Interfaith Dialogue Committee of the Focolare Movement in India.