Mission and Valuing Cultural Diversity

  • Ana Cristina Montoya Sophia University Institute
Keywords: Interculturality, Globalization, Christian Mission, Migration


The word “globalization" refers to a multiplicity of political, economic, cultural and media processes having a clear impact on present day history. We live in a world characterized by fear and mutual alienation, a world where many are forced into situations that immerse them in processes of cultural homogenization. This happens even within religious organizations and Christian communities. This article aims to analyze the challenges posed to the Church by a pluricultural and interconnected world, so as to offer to humanity a culture of mutual love and hope rooted in the Gospel. The importance of fostering and safeguarding real and visible intercultural relationships in Christian communities is explored.

Author Biography

Ana Cristina Montoya, Sophia University Institute

Ana Cristina Montoya is a professor of Generative Communication and Intercultural Dynamics at the Sophia University Institute. She is particularly concerned with communication processes that contribute to social change and development.