Rethinking the Ontology of Unity: Starting from Trinitarian Faith

  • Juan Carlos Scannone San Miguel Jesuit Seminary
Keywords: Trinity, Unity, Ontology, Hemmerle, Perichoresis, Communion


We publish here a lecture that the author prepared for the inauguration of the academic year 2019-2020 at Sophia University Institute. The author fell sick days before traveling to Italy where he was also due to meet his former student, Pope Francis. In his absence his lecture was delivered by Daniel Lopez SJ. Juan Carlos Scannone died on 28 November. This publication is a tribute to his person, academic contributions and the affection that bound him to Sophia University Institute.

Author Biography

Juan Carlos Scannone, San Miguel Jesuit Seminary

After earning his PhD at the University of Munich, Juan Carlos Scannone taught theology at the Universidad del Salvador-San Miguel in Buenos Aires, frequently lecturing as a visiting professor throughout Latin America and Europe. In addition to his long standing role as a theological consultant to Latin American bishops, he was particularly famous as Pope Francis’s theology professor and as a highly valued commentator on the thought expressed through this Pope’s writings. He was also respected as a widely published author and leading proponent of the theology of the people. He died on 28 November 2019.