Revisiting Chiara Lubich’s Paradise’49 in Light of the Letter to the Ephesians: Divine Adoption and Divine Design

  • Gérard Rossé Sophia University Institute


This article is the second in a four-part study comparing the Letter to the Ephesians with some of Chiara Lubich’s notes on her contemplative experience in 1949. The author first explores the initial blessing of divine adoption as children of God in Christ as expressed in the letter and in Chiara’s Trinitarian experience of adoption in the design of God. Then he discusses how the divine design is fulfilled according to a Trinitarian dynamic in both the letter and Chiara’s experience. Finally, he looks more deeply into the source of this design, namely, the glory of God from which everything irradiates and to which everything converges as it is expressed in the letter, and in Chiara’s Trinitarian-ecclesial- cosmic vision of the light and splendor of Divine Love. The author concludes that it is in this glory or splendor within the heart of the Trinity itself that divine adoption is fulfilled.