Fraternity in the Christian Tradition: Koinonia as an Interpretive Hermeneutic

  • Very Rev. Thomas A. Baima University of Saint Mary of the Lake


I am pleased to have the opportunity to offer a brief approach to the Christian understanding of fraternity as we move into the next dimension of our theme, “Fraternity as the Way Forward.” At the outset, I am quite happy with this title, since the original name by which the disciples of Jesus were known was “The Way.”1 My approach to doing so will be first to look at a biblical text (Acts 2:42) whose interpretation will form the basis of my proposal for a Christian understanding. This particular text also describes the fraternal experience in the church immediately after its full manifestation at Pentecost. Regardless of the church or ecclesial community you might encounter, this biblical approach should be universal, by which I mean that not only Catholics but also all Christians should recognize their own teaching in my interpretation.

Fraternity as the Way Forward