The Causes of Relational Suffering and their Cessation according to Theravada Buddhism

  • Ven. Dr. Phramaha Thanat Inthisan Wat Thai, Washington, D.C.


Bhikkhus, this samsāra [cycle of rebirths] is without discoverable beginning. A first point is not discerned of beings roaming and wandering on hindered by ignorance and fettered by craving. . . . For a long time, bhikkhus, you have experienced the death of a father . . . the death of a brother . . . the death of a sister . . . the death of a son . . . the death of a daughter . . . the loss of relatives . . . the loss of wealth . . . loss through illness; as you have experienced this, weeping and wailing because of being united with the disagreeable and separated from the agreeable, the stream of tears that you have shed is more than the water in the four great oceans.

Relational Suffering and Its Causes