God and Creation: Trinity and Creation out of Nothing

  • Piero Coda Sophia University Institute


The question of God’s relationship with creation touches upon important contemporary issues with regard to science, interfaith dialogue, and contemporary philosophy. Using the fundamental and specifically Christian theological stance that begins from creatio ex nihilo, the author shows how Chiara Lubich, on the basis of her charism of unity, develops an original understanding of the event of creation in which God creates by giving being to nonbeing, constantly creating historically and preserving in being what is created, and, at the same time, making what is created evolve. The basis for this understanding is to read creation out of nothing in light of a radical understanding of divine love that, as a result of its own dynamic, is both One and Three. This vision of reality implicitly contains a Trinitarian metaphysics that reinterprets the vestigia trinitatisin creation and gives a fresh understanding of creation’s vocation to share in the divine life.

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